Wars versus dictatorships

I’ve been stomping round the house unable to do much of what needs doing. I can’t think, and I can’t do. Can’t write.

I do have the odd ‘neutral’ blog post sitting waiting for when it’s needed. But while something is needed today, it’s not neutral.

37 years ago I moved to a country at war, and that disturbed me. Coming from a country that had not warred with anyone for a very long time, it felt so alien and so wrong.

It was the Falkland war and it was fought a long way away, by people I didn’t know. The closest I got was the Brother-in-Law’s then girlfriend’s flatmate’s brother. He died.

It brought the whole thing closer, because it was such an abnormal thing to happen to normal, everyday people.

On consideration, however, I prefer war to dictatorship. At least today. Or maybe I don’t. Both are evil. Evil is bad.

I would have baked a cake, to have with cream, and a cup of tea. But I really don’t feel able to do anything. Not even baking an emergency cake.

3 responses to “Wars versus dictatorships

  1. I feel for all my friends living in the British Isles right now. Thanks for expressing your current state of discontent.

  2. Thank you, Seana. I can’t quite decide which of our countries is the worst off when it comes to leadership.

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