Sitting pretty

It must be old age or something. I need my chairs to be softer these days, despite my built-in padding being quite well-padded. But on that basis, my old desk-chair was not up to it. Worked fine in most respects, but it was hard. Nothing soft about it at all.

I’d say I probably had it for 25 years. Hard to pinpoint exactly, because it looks – looked – much the same as the one before it, so the years blur a bit.

Had tried a new chair at IKEA when I was there last, like a year ago. Kept thinking about how comfortable it had been. So when Daughter drove me to shop a little, I tried the chair out again. It was still nice. But in the meantime, there was an even newer chair on offer, and it was even softer.

So I now have what I never thought I’d go for; a black leather desk-chair, on wheels. It is soft.

And ever so slightly lopsided. But by the time Daughter had built it for me – and it required a lot of building – we were hardly going to take it back, on the off-chance that the replacement would be straighter. And it would have needed building…

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