Click Bait

How I have missed Gillian Philip’s YA novels! Gillian is an author who can make you enjoy the dark and gritty lives of dark and gritty people, when that’s the last thing you are into. With Click Bait she’s back big time, providing the answer to the question ‘How low will you go?’

Pretty low, is the answer, but the thing is, you’re sort of with Eddie all the way, no matter how wrong and stupid he is, once he’s got started on the way to hell.

Gillian Philip, Click Bait

Eddie is 19 and lives in his dead grandma’s house, enjoying the company of his rich and beautiful girlfriend – despite her father’s objections – and tolerating Crow, the little boy next door who is forever scrounging bacon sandwiches off him. There’s Sid, the friendly girl who seems satisfied with mere friendship.

And then Eddie goes and puts a very bad joke, tasteless in the extreme, on Facebook. As tends to happen online, it spreads fast, and there is an explosion of anti-Eddie tweets, not to mention a YouTube clip, and soon Eddies’ life isn’t worth living.

The stupid boy doesn’t even apologise.

Job gone, and girlfriend mostly gone, Eddie at least has Crow and Sid on his side, plus the press camping outside his house.

This is all completely believable and not in the slightest bit pretty, but it’s compelling and you do root for Eddie, except you can’t see how he’s going to get out of this at all. Especially not when there are only twenty pages or so left.

I for one am glad Gillian is back with such a cracking story. More please!

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