Pippi was in town. Well, she’s been in Scotland for a week, dividing her time between Glasgow (The Prom) and Edinburgh, where I arranged to meet her for another afternoon tea. But never mind the tea, although we were seated on a very comfortable sofa, which is what I like in my old age.

Pippi wanted to know where I sit to read. Seems there’s some programme in Sweden where people are asked this question. She asked twice. Well, at our ages we forget.

On her last visit Pippi bought Sue Black’s All That Remains, about her life and dead bodies and all that. It’s one of the best books she’s read for some time. I’m not surprised. I like Sue, who’s always interesting. Although, when Pippi tried to interest her friends in the book, it seems pathology isn’t high on people’s TBR lists.

When we were fully stuffed with afternoon tea, we took ourselves off to Son’s, who doesn’t live that far away. He was also asked where he sits to read (after Pippi had had the guided tour of his home, which Swedes insist on).

On the way back to Waverley we had to wait 25 minutes for the 25 bus, and by the time it arrived I was so stiff from standing, it was all my body could do to get itself onto the bus and fold my limbs into a sitting position.

At Waverley we said goodbye and agreed that if we are both still alive next year, there can be more tea.

Then I had a nice read of my new book on the train home. It’s about [dead] bodies, but has such a colourful cover that Pippi mistook it for a children’s book.


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