Not so super, but okay

After looking round at my reading possibilities, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing belonging to Super Thursday, which was this week. I have a couple of mid-October books, however, and I know some publishers stagger their dates.

In a way it’s a relief, as that pile would usually sit there until I felt I’d caught up and then it would be Christmas and the January books would arrive as the last thing done by publicists before going home to their mince pies.

The Resident IT Consultant went and bought an Observer two weeks ago. We usually find the Saturday Guardian lasts us just fine. I let the last bits of the Observer sit there, in case I ran out something to go with my morning yoghurt. I was on the verge of throwing out the New Review, though, believing it was mainly the television schedule for the week already past.

I’m glad I kept it, because that’s how I discovered a whole lot of dream books I’d had no idea were even coming. Nor that some had already arrived, so to speak [as I’d not got them].

But what with authors having changed publishers, I didn’t know who to email. In the end I did the thing that shouldn’t be necessary, and emailed the authors. They all responded, and the biggest name responded the fastest of all. None of them too grand to help out. It’s just not their job, though.

And I’m a little excited again.

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