House arrest

I thought I was joking. Well, mostly I thought I was. The house arrest thing. I’ve been going on about it for years. Decades, even.

Obviously I am not under house arrest. At least not like these wannabe dictators you hear about, shut away in their homes. But some virus isolation is as good as. If I have the virus, I don’t know about it yet. But it’s worth staying more at home than going out.

I have plenty of books to read, without any last minute panic buying. And there are many books I want to re-read.

But as Son said on the phone this week, it’s not as if we suddenly have lots more time. We do what we always do.

I don’t even know if there is any point in telling you about this. You presumably have more important things to occupy yourself with. When I had my lurgy six weeks ago, I had very little inclination to read. Staring into space was a lot easier.

2 responses to “House arrest

  1. Thank goodness you have a lovely home. House arrest seems like a treat. I trust you have plenty of tea bags?

  2. Tea bags?? Loose leaf, dear. Except Sainsbury’s are running out of their Earl Grey. Sorry I can’t ask you round in person. Try to survive and we can have tea later.

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