Could I clingfilm them? The books. I know, it’s single-use plastic and all that. But needs must, maybe.

People are supposed to need books to read. Now more than ever. (Don’t look at me. I’m finding it harder.) Shopping for them is tricky, and libraries are obviously out.

And I can’t take my surplus to Oxfam.

So I thought of a box of books outside Bookwitch Towers. A sort of help-yourself-to-a-book box. Would people want to? And would they worry about how clean the books are? I could describe them as quarantined books, which they are by now.

But what if people were to rummage? That’s where the clingfilm comes in. Rip it off when you get home and the book underneath is fresh. Can’t leaf through the books that way, though. But maybe the blurb on the back is enough?

I don’t know. I am still thinking about it.

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