Quiz with tea

I’ve written about the quiz books before. Daughter invested in a couple some years ago, and they rather saved Christmas. It’s good to have something like twenty questions to whip out when the conversation dries up.

She got them out again when we were confined to the house all those weeks ago, but after a couple of sessions she concluded we’d done them all. Or mostly.

The internet was consulted and soon there was another pub quiz book on the way to us. This one is ‘the same’ but newer and bigger. She tried buying it used, only to discover someone snapped it up right in front of her eyes, as she was ‘thinking about it’. I said I felt the positive effect of such a book made the cost of a brand new one perfectly OK.

This time round, we go through the book methodically over tea, working our way through the easy section. The medium section is looming closer every day, but I dare say we will manage.

I have no idea who Blur are. But I live in hope that one day the right answer will turn out to be just that. I don’t even know when they were, so when Daughter scoffs and points out I’m in the wrong decade, I can’t do much about it.

2 responses to “Quiz with tea

  1. I remember the name Blur so I can’t think that they were any later than the 70s if that’s any help!

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