The Stone Giant

Literature is full of clever little girls and stupid monsters. The Stone Giant by Anna Höglund, and translated by Julia Marshall, is one example.

There is a young girl, living on an isolated island with her brave father. One day he leaves her alone to go and sort out some calamity happening elsewhere, involving people being turned into stone. And of course he fails to return.

The girl – we don’t learn her name – goes off in search of her father, wearing a red dress reminiscent of another red-dressed heroine.

On the way, she meets a wise old woman, who gives her some advice on how to deal with the giant. So with the help of an umbrella and a mirror, the girl fools the dreaded giant and all the stony people become real people again.

Power to little girls!

2 responses to “The Stone Giant

  1. I adore Anna Höglund. And didn’t know about this book. Will have to order it immediately. Though you didn’t even mention her glorious pictures! (Or the lovely dog she has at home who had puppies the day after I saw her last….)

  2. I had to go back and look. The illustration of the girl in the woods, double spread, was impressive. Hence my Red Riding Hood thought. Otherwise, I can only say that reading picture books as pdf takes away from the impact of illustrations…

    I am impressed by the effect you have on dogs having puppies. I hope it was pregnant. Are dogs pregnant? I thought it was publicists you caused to have babies?

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