Behave, or else

Getting rid of people who don’t behave, who are not pc enough, has become quite a thing.

It was probably not hard to cut ties with David Starkey. But I am always amazed that famous people don’t have the sense to shut up in public.

YA author Gillian Philip was sacked for siding with J K Rowling. I believe it was her role as Erin Hunter which mattered. You mustn’t do bad things to ruin a literary product. (A little like the public school boys who were expelled for being ‘naughty’ in their spare time, while wearing the school uniform.)

As for J K herself, I might have read somewhere that staff at her publishers were to be excused from having to promote her books.

But when it comes to David Walliams it appears that no one is going to get rid of him, or refuse to publicise his books, let alone tell him to clean up the words in his children’s books. With other authors they do something called editing. That would be suitable to do here as well. Wishing that they won’t take his next book, or the ones after that, is obviously too much to hope for.

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