This is something I have occasionally thought about [almost] doing. And when I read about it in my recent copy of Vi magazine, I felt [almost] encouraged to do it.

Their snippet was about a named person doing something involving a named author’s books, but those details are not important here, so I’ll leave them out. After all, it’s a bit foreign, so fairly irrelevant.

A sort of famous Swede visited a German branch of IKEA, and noticed among the many books they use to style their display furniture in the room settings, several remaindered copies of his favourite book by his favourite author. That would be a highly thought of author, not just anyone.

After some deliberating he took all the copies of the book home with him, hidden in his bag. I believe he has since given those copies to friends, the way we do when we want someone else to like what we like.

Was it stealing? Probably. But I’d like to think of it more as liberating a handful of books that were being seriously under-appreciated as decorative pieces in an almost industrial setting. If we all did it, it would be quite noticeable. But we wouldn’t, would we?

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