When someone thought trains

Have I ever mentioned I receive quite a few books through the post?

Well, one gets used to these packets, as do Daughter and the Resident IT Consultant. Occasionally they too receive post, but never as much.

Last week there was a book parcel for the Resident IT Consultant. He sometimes buys weird books on maths, or Faraday, or maps. That kind of thing. This time it was a book about trains.

He likes trains a lot. But who would have sent him this? He knew about it. It’s brand new, and he’d read about its coming and felt it sounded interesting.

The question is, did he order a copy for himself? At the time, in advance of its release date? He can’t remember. Could have been an accidental press of a ‘buy’ button, perhaps.

Anyway, he’s enjoying the book. It was kind of whoever ordered it, knowingly or otherwise.

One response to “When someone thought trains

  1. Turns out it was Son… 🙃

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