Gifted and inspired

I began in the middle, as I often do when there is no apparent reason to read an article in the newspaper, or in this case, in the New Statesman.

But it looked so interesting that I read a little more, near where I’d started. And after some faffing around reading a paragraph here and a paragraph there, I turned to the beginning and read the whole thing. It was an article about John Carey, whom I’d never heard of before, written by Leo Robson, who was also unknown to me.

I don’t know what I was more enchanted by, learning about John Carey, or simply the finding of such a great article when I was least expecting it.

This is what I’ve discovered about my birthday present of a magazine subscription for the Resident IT Consultant. It’s providing me with lots to read too. Admittedly, I am a week behind most of the time, but most of the time that does not matter. Good reading remains good reading even weeks afterwards. (I’ve recently started on the Atlantic – the magazine, not the ocean – and am finding it really excellent too. But that has to come by way of Son, se we are really behind there.)

Fairer than buying someone a box of chocolates and then eating most of them yourself, because in this instance we can both ‘eat’ the chocolates, so to speak. And it’s been decades since I worried about using the Resident IT Consultant’s own money to pay for his presents…

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