Books? Or beans?

It shouldn’t have to be either or. It needs to be both.

A Facebook friend drew my attention to the Glasgow Giving Tree, where a child has asked for beans on toast, in order not to be hungry. It’s not all right that any child should have to ask for food because they don’t get enough. But it’s especially not all right that it happens so close to home. This is supposed to be a wealthy country. Or so they say.

Well, we know how that discussion went.

And then there’s the new Scottish Book Trust appeal for books to families in need, through food banks such as Cyrenians Fareshare. We need books and we need reading. But we obviously also need food. Both are good for your health.

Several publishers are joining in with gifts of books, which is as it should be. But one can always use more help, more funds. Please consider making a small donation. I just did.

Scottish Book Trust Christmas 2020 Launch at FareShare / Cyrenians, Leith, Edinburgh, 09/11/2020:
Photography for Scottish Book Trust from: Colin Hattersley Photography – – 07974 957 388.

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