Triple skulduggery

I’d really been feeling much more positive in the last few weeks. Yes, it’s fun to write. To read books. And then when you think it’s safe to step into the water, on an ordinary Thursday morning, they trip you up.

The first water has to do with that large river in South America. I was wanting to buy the new Skulduggery Pleasant, out next week. Since the last time when I was unwillingly, and unwittingly, subscribed to their prime offers, I have been very vigilant. But still, I fell in. Knowing how to, I immediately pulled myself out [cancelled] again. But that was at least two minutes out of my morning.

After that, my thought was to do just what I am doing now; moaning away about rivers and the like.

But in their infinite wisdom my blogging platform has – seemingly – taken away my old-fashioned classic editor option and I am currently writing to you from, well, I don’t know where I am, but I am not enjoying it.

So that’s two large, successful companies sticking their legs out to catch me, all in one morning.

I still ordered my copy of Skulduggery Pleasant, whereas the less pleasant skulduggeries continue to bother me. Primarily by flickering an editing box in front of my eyes every time I stop to think. If that’s not a migraine trigger, I don’t know what is. Well, I do, Marmite, chocolate, msg. And the editing box.

Just as well I wasn’t going to add a picture.

4 responses to “Triple skulduggery

  1. I could be wrong. But let’s face it, that’s very unlikely… WordPress will let me change back if I give them money.

  2. They just might. I took my blog to „self-hosted“ for that very reason back in October — I now have a plugin that permanently disables the block editor.

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