Down #3 Memory Lane

The Chicken House breakfast seems quite appropriate for Easter week, doesn’t it?

I had almost forgotten about it, but eight years ago I went to a book event a mere twenty minutes [train ride] away from Bookwitch Towers and was home again well before lunch. That’s what I call efficient use of time.

It’s one of the things I do miss now. The being able to go to events that are conveniently near, but which are still ‘big enough’ to feature lots of authors and lots of other booky people. And food. And free books.

The view is from the breakfast venue, which the more eagle-eyed of you might recognise as the Manchester Oxford Road station forecourt. Perhaps not the most attractive of places, but oh so useful. And as I said, just off the train. And Bookwitch Towers just off the train at the other end, especially had I been able to leap across the fence at the bottom of my garden (which is something I never did!).

It was good of Chicken House to make the trek north to see how the other half lives. Some people don’t know that there is life outside London – or Bath, in this instance – but there is.

Now, can I interest anyone in a Central Scotland something? Fried Mars bars with IrnBru, perhaps. Once we’re back to ’normal’, obviously.

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