A little light night listening

I don’t know what to think. Well, I do know that when I see Daughter loading up yet one more listen to The Hunger Games for her bedtime audiobook experience, that it really doesn’t sound cheerful. I mean, really.

She prefers audiobooks that she has previously read as a book. If she were to – god forbid! – nod off while listening, it helps to know the story. Has to be long books/series, so they last. Hence The Hunger Games. Also Anne of Green Gables. His Dark Materials. A decade or more of Harry Potter.

But she’d quite like to listen to Michael Grant’s Front Lines trilogy. It’s been read and it has been enjoyed. And it’s far better than The Hunger Games.

It appears to exist.

But it also appears not to be possible to buy or otherwise access from the UK. This seems nonsensical, as surely both the publisher and the audiobook company should want to sell their products.

You know me. I went to the source and asked Michael. Did he know why, and could he push, or something?

His response was that Daughter has excellent taste. I know that. So he can’t quite understand why there is no audiobook of Front Lines.

You see what happened there? Michael believes there is no audiobook.

And still, what are we to make of this:

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