Mine is the yellow Hetty

I’d been worried there would be no book in this, but then to my delight I discovered that of course there is a book.

I was so very happy to read about Henry the ‘hoover’ in last week’s Guardian Weekend. I didn’t know I needed to read about him, but it was really interesting, and the article author, Simon Usborne, made it more so by telling us about his young son’s friendship and love for their family Henry. Especially important during lockdown.

Many years ago when I first came across Henry, I erroneously assumed he was cheap and probably sucked at sucking. Appearances can deceive.

Last year I came to the conclusion that we too needed to adopt a new colourful little friend. The ancient Miele wasn’t up to much, nor was the replacement, whose name I don’t recall, except he was lime green.

So now Hetty lives with us. She’s a girl and has a very happy smile. And she’s beautifully yellow. Hetty never fails to cheer me up.

The book? Yes, it appears Henry and Hetty and all the others appeal to autistic children, and they have organised visits for them to see the factory, and there are books. Not publicly available ones, but Henry books for the real fans.

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