I’ve been lucky. Or perhaps I should call it successful, if that’s not too big a word to use? Because I have achieved what I set out to do, fourteen and a half years ago.

I have done writing. And reading. I have travelled and I’ve met a lot of great people. I have been to fun events. Occasionally I was almost a little bit famous, in the right circles. Not too much, but still.

Giving this up is hard. So hard that I am going to take a little break first. This means there are few promises as to what will come, but I suspect I will find it impossible to stay away completely. Expect a trickle of witchy stuff for a while. Maybe.

But right now I have one or two things to do, and I need to attend to them without feeling I’ve not written today’s blog post yet.

There are some books outstanding. Some books are also outstanding. I imagine I will tell you about them. Later.

I wasn’t sure how to choose my ‘when’ moment, but after so long of no live events and no live meetings with authors, I feel Saturday’s Pitch Black Humour is a good one to finish with. After all, it featured a Finnish crime writer, a local[ish] author closely connected with Bloody Scotland, which in turn is set in my current home town, plus my favourite author from Fort William, who I’d never heard of before Bookwitch, and who now features big in our minds, here at Bookwitch Towers.

So, I’m pausing with a smile. A laugh, even.


7 responses to “TTFN

  1. Hope you’re able to write from time to time! I’ll miss your posts.

  2. Dear Ann,
    I seem to have lost your email so I’ll write a comment instead. Your daily musings on all things bookish will be missed! Hope you have a relaxing break from it all and come back refreshed very soon!
    Lynne x

  3. Although I have been lax in the blogging sphere, I still get your blog posts as emails, so I am up to speed here. I feel glad for you yet a bit sadder for the blogosphere and for the world of children’s books for your leaving off. I hope you can find a happy medium on telling the world more about the books that mean so much to kids and also to many adults. Congratulations on this great body of work.

  4. Hi Ann, it has been many years since I have commented on a Bookwitch post but I have been reading your posts in my inbox each morning for about a decade. I will miss the blog and just wanted to leave a comment saying that I’ve really appreciated your writing even as my taste in books has diverged (roughly) from those covered. All the best, and thank you for being a small part of my routine!

    • Oh Cynical,
      How nice to see you here again. (As you know, I don’t see people in their inboxes, but simply trust they are there.)
      I think about you every now and then, and now realise you’re obviously ‘all grown-up’ and everything.
      I still hope to be an occasional witch, so check that inbox occasionally.

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