The witches have flown

When I woke on Good Friday I discovered the storage in the sky was full. It’s not worried me unduly, and for the last few years I have chipped away at the far too full email account. But clearly I’d not gone far enough. Have you any idea of how many emails a Witch gets?

So my Långfredag as it is called in Sweden became rather long, with my emptying away from breakfast onwards. If this had been a desk, and the email piles of paper, I’d have been looking at a considerable bonfire by now.

Which is quite appropriate as Easter Saturday is when those Swedes light bonfires, to cook their sausages over, and to move those pesky witches on. The sky used to be full of smoke and of witches on broomsticks.

If you’ve been here a very long time I congratulate you for persisting with Bookwitch, and you might possibly remember reading about this before. The sausages and the witches; not the email situation. There was also some disagreement in the comments section as someone discovered they had been missing out on the sausages all these years.

My Bookwitch folder is no longer full of obsolete press releases and awards longlists and my storage in the sky is feeling less bloated. Not so myself, who had to fly away filled with a generous vegan burger. (We discovered we didn’t have much in the way of sausages, so decided burgers were the next best thing for a ravenous witch.)

The bonfires looked glorious from up above!

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