The rings of Siobhan

Today was nice. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Seana, whom I first ‘met’ on Crime Always Pays. It’s an intriguing thing when you find you get on well with someone else who also comments on a blog post somewhere.

As you will know if you’ve been here for a long time, it was blogging about Siobhan Dowd that brought Bookwitch to the attention of Declan Burke and his blog on all kinds of Irish crime. Which in turn brought lots of other people to me, one way or another.

So, many blog-reading and Facebook years later, we finally met. It wasn’t something I’d imagined, seeing as we live a long way from each other. But there she was, on her way to Scotland and Robert the Bruce, and wanting to see me too.

She and her sister consented to make a comparison of the castles of Edinburgh and Stirling, and were also agreeable to being cajoled into every gift shop in sight, where money literally spilled from purses. With Daughter doing the driving, we moved from one Robert the Bruce to another. (And possibly from one slice of cake to a second. Although the less said about that, the better.)

It didn’t even rain very much. Mostly the sun shone, which is its job. And we talked. If your ears burned, maybe it was about you.

In case you were wondering; Stirling Castle won. Obviously.


2 responses to “The rings of Siobhan

  1. Scrolling through the ‘reader’ feed and spotted the familiar brickwork of the Great Hall at Stirling castle. Thoroughly agree that Stirling should win (though I am biased as I used to live there 😉 )

    Did you manage to catch Chapterhouse Theatre Company doing Romeo and Juliet back in early July? Was supposed to be open air and rain looked like it might get the performance cancelled. However, they moved us into the Great Hall instead (with our picnic in tow). Never been in the castle at night, it was even better than daytime (wish I could figure out how to share an image with you in the comments).

    Anyway, Stirling Castle for the win always!

  2. I’m afraid I didn’t, John. Sounds great though.
    And I have also discovered that photos in the comments just isn’t possible.

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