On dressing

Dress you must. Especially for a wedding. The request was for Indian style clothes. Something colourful.

There was much agonising.

Having plain tastes I was afraid of overdressing. When we got there (some woods in the middle of Texas) we looked around and could see that overdressing was not something we needed to concern ourselves with. For us, the amount of gold and embroidery was more than ‘usual’. The rest of the guests were so elegant and colourful that we began to understand the basic idea of Indian weddings.

But we were comfortable. Even the Resident IT Consultant felt fine in his outfit, which can be described as an embroidered ‘dress.’ Dodo always looks beautiful, and the gold was fine on her. She also managed the ‘scarf thing’ by which I mean the dupatta over one shoulder. I went with the elderly lady ‘drape over shoulders’ look and Daughter wore a most colourful dupatta. Unnecessarily warm for 26 degrees, but nice. Son went with crazy colours, because that’s how I brought him up.

(Should there ever be another such wedding, we will go to town. Probably.)

My shoelaces were much admired. I mean, laughed at.


2 responses to “On dressing

  1. You all look lovely, I reckon and I truly love your laces.

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