Don’t you just love it when something goes a little wrong, but ends up being so much better for it?

I have no idea who Oliver Darkshire is, or what his new book is. Or even what its title is, because I have only ever seen the back of it, along with many others.

It’s a well known fact – it is, isn’t it? – that publishers ask famous people for tempting quotes to put on book covers. I can often tell why they asked X, and sometimes what X meant when they sent over their couple of sentences.

You certainly can here, and whatever you might say about Neil Gaiman, he is unfailingly polite. If a little disorganised with the hundreds of books he must receive. But that’s nothing on the person who put his words on the finished book.

I’m with Oliver here. Nothing can beat this. It’s almost enough to make me want to write a book, only so Neil can ‘give me a quote.’


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