Or not.

You may recall my thoughts on going into bookshops to browse. Occasionally I really want to do that, to see what’s new. To touch it, and to decide. And how my local shop’s crazy lift makes me not want to browse after all. How I wait until I’m in St Andrews, where browsing can take place on the level. Street level.

So that is what I planned to engage in over the weekend. We went in. I found crime, and YA, and children’s for various ages.

What I didn’t find was inspiration. Nothing leapt out at me. Not having been informed of much that is new, I simply didn’t ‘see’ it. By the time I reached children’s, I could remember one preplanned title. Slightly hard to find, but I did walk out* with Derek Landy’s latest, the Skulduggery Pleasant prequel, Hell Breaks Loose. Which seems very prequelly indeed, going back in time considerably.

*I paid for it. Obviously.

Looked at crime on the way out again, but wasn’t inspired.

So that was that.

Didn’t even muster up any enthusiasm in the shoe shop which came next. Must be me, then.

2 responses to “Browsing

  1. I must thank you belatedly for mentioning “Before Green Gables” a while back. I ordered it from my school library (I’m a teacher & the librarian is fab) and really enjoyed reading it.

    Fiona in Aberdeen

  2. I’m glad that you liked it and especially that it was still available to borrow.

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