Losing libraries

North. South. Front and back. It’s hard to keep track.

On our recent long weekend away I suffered from a disappearing library. University library at that.

We stayed in a flat in St Andrews’ North Street. South side. Front windows looked out onto the library across the road. Back windows looked south. It was probably the Waterstones building we saw the back of.

Bedrooms faced front, i.e. north. Living room faced south.

Are you with me so far?

I was pleased to to have a view of the large library building where Daughter once collected her knowledge. Did her homework. But when I sat down in ‘my’ armchair, I was confused because the library wasn’t there. Just some roof top. Wrong windows. Something about which room faces front? Or back. Also, isn’t front always south? Apparently not.

Three days wasn’t long enough to learn where the library was. But I’m sure a library ought to be visible from a person’s armchair…

At least the flat had books. I’d have been quite happy to read some of them, had I come unprepared. There was also a selection of books for sale at Kinross Services, where we had time to kill while the car charged, which it only did because there was literally no parking (Bank Holiday weekend). At all. So I made the executive decision that since the charging spots were empty and we had a car that could ‘eat’ there, that’s what we would do.


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