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Loo and behold, a privy-théque! Thank goodness for far-flung friends and authors. Especially those carrying a camera. And with a sense for the quirky, and an idea that bookwitches might need something fun to write about. I mean, you know … Continue reading

Stack them high

I reckon she did everything right. When Ingrid Magnusson Rading felt she’d be getting nowhere with traditional publishers for her new children’s book Den hemlighetsfulla grottan, she decided to self-publish, just as she did with her coffee table book on … Continue reading

A chicken house book launch

Yes, another launch. One I didn’t go to, but I had planned my holiday flights before I knew Ingrid Magnusson Rading was thinking of launching her new children’s book Den hemlighetsfulla grottan (The Secret Cave) at midsummer. In the chicken … Continue reading

The cave of secrets

Or Den hemlighetsfulla grottan, as the title for this book – set in my holiday world – is in the original Swedish. The book, which I’d love to see translated, is a quiet fantasy adventure, set in today’s Haverdal with … Continue reading

Saga’s saga

Never underestimate the entertainment value of history, and especially not the history all around you, where you live. I hinted earlier at having read the manuscript of a children’s book, written by a friend. That sort of thing can be … Continue reading

Late to the party

She’s by no means ancient, but the Retired Children’s Librarian isn’t as young as she was. So it was much appreciated that she popped round for a couple of days, even if she was late for the party. On purpose. … Continue reading

The camping book event

Starved of book events as I was, it took very little for Ingrid Magnusson Rading to persuade me to join her at the local camp site. Neither of us needed a ‘room’ so to speak, but she was invited as … Continue reading

We’re on our way

Now, why am I going to link to an interview which most of you can’t read*? Or tell you about a book review with the same problem? Because it would be a shame not to. Have I ever mentioned that … Continue reading