Derek Landy – “Valkyrie Cain hit the parapet and tumbled, unable to stop herself, and with a panicked gasp she disappeared off the edge.”

The two children I’m with have been excited for weeks, and I’d say Derek Landy is as welcome as Father Christmas, judging by how they jump. I’ve borrowed two very big fans of Derek’s for this meeting, to lighten things up a bit. Charlie liked Derek’s new book so much that he wrote two reviews of it for the local bookshop’s review page. Various transport issues means Derek is late, and Phoebe and Charlie can barely contain themselves when he finally turns up. The delay means we have to let Derek sign books for the customers in the shop first, before we interview him. But they are happy to simply stand next to him and chat.

DL 2

Derek came last year when his first book about the dead detective Skulduggery Pleasant was published, so he has a wide fan base locally, and judging by the length of the queue they have all turned out to see him again. I’d say Derek has got more used to this role over the last twelve months, and this time he is accompanied by only one helper, Sam.

“I’m not so keen on that”, says Derek to Sam, as he sees the books ordered by someone who wants to sell them, with special requests on how they should be signed. The books get left on the side. He gets on with talking to the young buyers who have turned up in person, asking what their names are and finding out what kind of face they would like with the signature. Derek does a cartoon face of himself for each book, and he has a range of happy and sad and scary and angry, and many more.

DL 1

While Sam admires Phoebe’s intricately plaited hair, a souvenir from Dubai, Phoebe stands next to Derek and helps with the choice of faces. “Happy face” she whispers, and Derek agrees that “sometimes you just know” what it should be. Charlie gets carried away with all the books around him, and decides to buy some more, just for the fun of it. “You’re going to get more awkward as you go on, aren’t you?” Derek says. “This is going to be good”, about the cartoon he has in mind. Then, for good measure, he makes engine noises. Boys will be boys, even at the age of 34.

He says no thanks to the offer of cake, however, and I try and decide if Derek has lost weight. He’s wearing his signature black shirt and black trousers, which looks just right, in- between formal and informal. Derek remembers names despite being introduced to so many in a short period of time. “Charlie, are you here again?”, as Charlie is back for more.

DL 5

Derek decides to sign the ebay-bound books after all. ”I don’t mind people selling on ebay, as long as it’s not a whole box”. He’s been requested to write the first line, and says he should learn to start all books with a short word like “Pow”, from now on, to cut down on what has to be copied out. Phoebe tells him to do sad faces for the ebay books, but he explains they get no faces at all. They are laughing as they wonder if Derek could put in a little threat in his books like “if you buy this book on ebay, a little angel will die”. More laughing.

Phoebe wants to know how they made the edges of the paperback glow-in-the-dark, “really cool”, so Derek explains how when they are not busy, the PR staff get put in the basement to colour in the edges with special markers. Very funny. He asks “who’s your favourite author, apart from me, obviously?” Always nice with a man who believes in himself.

Derek can multi-task, so we start the interviewing once he gets going on signing the huge piles of books waiting, which just require a signature. Accompanied by the sound of books piling up, Charlie and Phoebe decide how they will divide up the questioning.

DL 3

C – “What’s your favourite part of Playing With Fire?”
“In the first book Skulduggery was this awesome warrior, who beats everyone he comes up against. Here I wanted a bad guy who was his equal. My favourite bit is when he first confronts Baron Vengeous and – how do you say this nicely – he beats him soundly. The reader finds Skulduggery is not invincible.”

P – “What’s your favourite bit of book one?”
“When I came up with the vampires. Vampires are usually not scary enough. These are just ordinary people, and when the sun goes down, they just rip their skin off.”

C – “How do you think of the names?”
“Skulduggery just popped into my head. For others I keep a notebook, for when I hear a cool name or word that could be altered slightly. Then I just go back and find it.”

P – “When did you start writing?”
“I’ve always been writing, since I was eight or nine. I kept on writing when I was a teenager, and got expelled from college. After, I worked on the family farm for six years, writing scripts, for films. Then with Skulduggery Pleasant, writing books.

C – “Will Ghastly come back?”
“Yeah, he WILL come back. Probably in the third book. You’re lucky Tanith is still around. In the first draft for the first book she dies a horrible, disturbing death. But my editor said ‘no,no, you can’t do this.’ If you end a book with one or two murders, no-one’s going to have a smile on their face after that, so she convinced me to keep Tanith alive. Since then I’ve been taken up with torture for Tanith, because in my mind she should be dead. Very hard to kill.”

P – “When is your next book out?”
“Next April, ages away. It’s nine books in all, out every April for the next seven years. By the time you are sixteen the series will be over. Stephanie will be seventeen. You’ll be growing up together.”

C – “How do you think of the ideas?”
“You are drawing on everything you’ve ever experienced. You find there are two books about everything at the same time. It’s called Zeitgeist. Practically everyone is thinking at the same time, experiencing the same things. They stew in our heads. Good question!”

P – “What do you normally do in the day?”
“I get up about 11 or 12. When do you get up? I have lunch, walk the dog, play games, might watch a movie, laze around. Then I start writing around four and go on right through to three or four in the morning. Just straight through. I love all the fun things in life, but there’s nothing I find more fun than writing.”

C – “Do you type or write by hand?”
“I type. On the farm, I put it in my head, and when I got in I’d go straight to the computer. Taught myself to type fast. Which is why my handwriting is so awful, because I hardly ever use my hands.”

P – “Do you base your characters on real people?”
“Skulduggery Pleasant is based on me, obviously. Very smart, very thin. The main person is Stephanie, who is based on a girl in my martial arts class. Exactly as Stephanie, she’s tall, pretty, she has dark hair, is slim, strong. Exactly the same personality. She’s twenty now. Most impressive girl I know.”

C – “Have you ever had to use your Munchkin Army?”
“Not yet”. Derek laughs. “I’m pretty sure the ninjas are out to get me. Then I’ll use my army; take over the world. It’d be brilliant.”

P – “I’d heard there’s going to be a movie. Is this true?”
“In theory, yes. I’ve written the script, which is in with Warner Brothers, and we have a director, but I’m not allowed to tell you his name.” Sighs. “It’s completely unpredictable. Might shoot in 2009, might shoot in 2010 or late this year. Might not shoot at all. I remain cautiously optimistic. All the signs look good, but it might never happen.”

C – “Why did you give the Cleavers scythes?”
“I came up with the Cleavers years ago, for something totally different. For a script, fairy tale kingdom. I needed palace guards to be impressive, silent, cold, unique. Slightly strange, slightly scary.”

P – “Is the Skulduggery Pleasant film going to be animated or real?”
“Real. Skulduggery, I’m trying to have a real actor, with a blue mask for special effects. Don’t want him completely animated. Sometimes when you do, it’s really, really rubbish.”

C – “What is your favourite TV programme and what’s your favourite game?”
“Favourite television of all time; Buffy. Recently – a toss-up between Lost and Heroes. Games; I like everything with the military.”

P – “Your favourite book?”
“I like crime books. You get the best dialogue.”

C – “How long does it take you to write a book?”
“First book took about six months. Second, five months. The third, about five and a half months. So I average about five months, so far.”

P – “Have you written the third book? And is it, like, with the editors?”
“I’m editing it now. I sent it in, and they sent it back, with suggestions. I like editing. I like suggestions for how to make it better.”

C – “Do you like the cover art?”
“Brilliant. Tom Percival works with Harper Collins, and it’s like he opened up my brain and scooped up my thoughts from my skull and put them on the page. He’s wonderful. Brilliant. He really is.”

P – “What colour will the third book be?”
“I don’t know. We have a limited number of colours. I don’t ever want a pink Skulduggery book.” Laughs. ”I don’t want that at all. I think that’d be bad. Only so many colours till you start getting onto pink. I don’t know.”

C – “How did you think up your style of drawing?”
“I went to animation college, so my style is mostly lazy cartoonist. I started doodles in books.”

P – “What do you do when not writing books?”
“Nothing. I lead a very boring life. I write books, I walk my dog, I buy my toys. That’s pretty much it.” Shocked giggles from Charlie and Phoebe.

C – “Have you finished the fourth book?”
“No, but I have written about one third of it, OK. So, yeah, I’ve got it all planned out. Most of it. Some bits I haven’t a clue. Any more questions?”

P – “I have one more. What’s the worst of being an author? The most boring.”
“Eerm. Doing the line. You know when someone asks you to write the first line. Yeahh… No, it really is all fun.”

Bookwitch – “Are you working towards a pre-determined end of the series? Something complete?”
“I know what the last book is about, and I know where everyone is by then, but I don’t know what happens, or who lives or dies. A definite plan. I’m of the opinion that as long as I know roughly where I’m going, but I don’t know exactly, it’ll keep things fun. That’s my only criteria for being able to write and have as much fun as possible.”

DL 4

By now we are nearly an hour late. Sam frets a bit, but Derek is totally calm. So I offer my book to be signed, now that Derek has worked his way through close to a hundred books while talking. He talks as he draws, “for some reason I’ll be wearing a little witch’s hat. Haha. I’m on a broom. Happy bookwitch, not a bad witch. Skulduggery can go on a rocket ship. I’m riding a broom, and he always has to be cooler than me. Hehehe.”

The children’s mobile phones are out. They need photos to prove they were there. Charlie’s sister Gabby desperately needs to put a question to Derek. “Where will you be holding the auditions?” Haha. “I’m sure it will be all over Ireland. You need an Irish accent. Say grand, a lot, you know. That’s good. Cabbage, celery. It’s one of the things you’ll probably hear about. Go on the websites. Try the bebo page for Skulduggery. All the news will be there. I will be there. Nobody wants to talk to me. They all want to talk to Skulduggery.”

Phoebe and others promise to talk to Derek. “Chuck, this has been a lot of fun.” He shakes everybody’s hands before Sam drags him away.

Derek Landy @ Easons

All photos except the last one by H Giles


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  12. charlie jones (girl)

    The first book is really cool, i loved it so much i finished it in 2 hours besides the point i’m only 11. I’m really anoyed because I can’t find the other book anywhere in any shop I go in! It is the best book i’ve read for a long time. I think it is really funny in the first book where he curses under his breath constantly.

  13. charlie jones (girl)

    Please tell me about the auditions when they come because I would LOVE to audition for it.

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    I just got the third book and I’m so stuck into it! Derek has an amazing sense of humor. His style of writing is so original; I love it!

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  26. What a treat…for me I mean.

  27. were all asking for info that no one has. we ask questions like:
    where are the auditions?
    is there going to be a film?
    but the only thing is only Derek landy knows

  28. I have actually asked Derek now, to see if he knows more than I do (well, he must), and this is what he said:

    ” The answer to this question is, um, no…! Nothing fresh to report! No developments, no greenlight, no auditions! It’s an ongoing process… a LONG, ongoing process…!”

    So, not what you all want to hear, but at least it’s information of sorts.

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  41. I love the books, im Irish. live in the UK down near London. I’ve got dark brown hair till my elbows and dark blue eyes and have recently had a sun tan when I went Turkey for my holiday in jabuary. it was my birthday present, 12/01/1995.
    So, i am also writing a book. i know i’m 15, but guess what i am lucky enaugh to get it through. i had feedback, i like that. it gives me more ideas. So, the book is called: Jack Slay. not out yet, near december.
    I go drama classes, so far played the act of Era Vile. we are also making a movie and i’m the second main character, so…i’m good and can do magic…not fire but electricity and stuff. i think i’ll be good at it, my brest dialoggue is:
    “But that’s not what i meant, i mean isn’t he going to destroy the secret passageway so that no body can take any more powerful sunstances like alluminium ever again?”
    That’s long but it’s been three months me trying to revise my scene 2 act 4 lines. so hard! that’s where the action starts, so DEREK LANDY i have been reading your books since 2007 when the first one came out. It would be a downfall if the movie came out, i would like it to be books over books, i picture it all in my head. if it’s a movie then i’m not watching. and please dont kill Skuldugegry PLeasant or Valkyrie Cain. i will cry forever!!!!!!!!!None of my characters are dying, accept the bad guys. Jack and Armour are staying alive, lol for giving out the two main cahracters. Armour is 15 years old. Jack is 19. he’s a ploce man, a frenzic, and also a guard. do the names like this:
    Merging, Mitrust, Libya, December, Fissure, Kate, Preanaline, Sull, Vervain, Marie, Edward, Kyle, Shannon all sound weird? the’yre all the good guys. Edward is Armour and Shannons dad. he dies because he faced the bad guy: Torture Rapp Dark.
    anyone got good advise? Derek LANDY COULD YOU VISIUT UK IN NOTTINGHAM because i really want yuou to teach me dialogue and information on book writing.
    It woudl be great if you relplied to me. and by the way my name is: VALERIE JABAR.
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  43. the auditions are…. after harrypotter 7 part 1 and the movie comes out 2011 or 2012

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  45. i forgot to mention, I would like to audition is there is a Skulduggery Pleasant. I am only 12, my birthday, 2/6/1998, but there MUST be some part I coyld play. Once again, Derek Landy Rules!

  46. I dont think there are any auditions, when Dark Days came out i was talking to Landy myself, he said that he’s nopt going to make a movie because all of them might go down the drain. like the harry potters, the first one 🙂 fantastic, second one gone and so on…But if there is a movie i will audition for Valkyrie, see my name? Veleria Jabar. I know

  47. Skulduggery Pleasant is the best book ever. I have just started the 4th book it rocks!!!!! I really like Tanith low and Dusk. I also think Skulduggery Pleasant is really cool.


  48. I posted the message below once before. If you missed it then, here is Derek’s lack of news on the film front, again:

    ” The answer to this question is, um, no…! Nothing fresh to report! No developments, no greenlight, no auditions! It’s an ongoing process… a LONG, ongoing process…!”

  49. Is there gonna be a movie???
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    i had a typo
    Please tell me if there is gonna be an audition

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    Derek’s HYSTERICAL though!!!!!!!!!!

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    I ADORE Derek! ❤
    He's a genious 8D

  53. Everyones saying they have the right characteristics (dark hair, dark eyes) but they aren’t exactly saying anything about hieght… I myself have all the characteristics (dark hair , darrk eyes, sharp tongued, rude etc) but Im 15 so it would never work, and I have no acting skills what so ever. But what I’m trying to saying is it doesn’t matter if you look like her, are the same age as her or even have the same personality as her (they’d only be brownie points when it comes to picking someone for the role) all that matters is that you are a good actor/actress. Don’t bite my head off for just stating the truth fangirls, I’ve grown rather fond of it over the years…

    PS. Make up and special affects do wonders ;D

  54. Landy Rocks!!!!!
    I love Irish (native to me) authors because their style is kind of Irish. “Plenty of grands” that describes most Irish people’s speech patterns.
    I love Ireland.

  55. That’s grand, Me!!!!

    Do you by any chance have a serious surplus of !!!! in Ireland? Mine are beginning to dry up after ‘meeting’ you. ; ) But that’s grand, too.

  56. are there ever going to be any auditions, ive read most of the books and there all absolutely BBBBBBBRRRRRIIIILLLLLLLLLLLIIIIAAAANNNNTTTT!!!!

  57. Please read my comments from 18th March and 4th August (they are both the same, btw).

  58. OH-M-GEEE
    I love the skul-dug books!!!
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    i just finished the 5th book…when is the next one out?

  59. none of us know about auditions yet, right? then why are we asking? if we wait and take advise from bookwitch someone is bound to send some info

  60. Hey
    I read skulduggery pleasant in 2007 when it first came out and fell in love with it. I told my friends to read it and they though it’d be crap, but I shoved it in their faces and ordered them to read…and guess what? They ab-so-lute-ly loooove the books now, so thank me for getting like 17 knew skulduggery pleasant book lovers.
    Any way, besides that, I’m stephanie, I love the fact that VALKYRIE and I have the same given name, but my last names Martinez…anyway, I’m 14 and I’m writing my Own book, pretty young – aye? well Im going to publish it when I’m older.
    I just read the 5th book and seriously! I cannot believe the vilest of vile is BACK!

  61. BTW – by the way
    – what was the point of abbreviating it if I was gonna write it in full???
    Beats me, anyway just want to express how much I LOATHE detective davina marr…eugh…makes me shudder and retch just thinking about that teeny nose!
    i lurv posting comments!

  62. I can tell!
    So why are you still talking about ‘dear’ Davina like that? Do you know something the rest of us don’t? (Didn’t even know she had a nose…)

  63. TBH guys does it really matter when the auditions are, none of you are professional actors/actresses so you will never get the part anyway, a blonde girl with blue eyes could get the part if shes amazing for the part, it doesnt matter about your looks and whether you think your ‘perfect’ for the part because 10000 others think the same so it extremely unlikely that you will ever even get a call back. DEAL WITH IT. Get on with you life and if you insist on going to the auditions then keep checking this page and details will be out in time….. 😀 xxx

  64. Hey annii, I know it’s unlikely that any of us will get the part but we could do very fine without those comments. You have your oppinion and I respect that but could you please for craps of sake try not to ruin my self-confidence???

  65. You may want to read this interview:

    Derek mentions the film, but not in the way you’d want him to.

  66. Valkyrie (no joke thats my actual name LOL!)



    i love skulduggery pleasant and i also know derek landys niece!!! margret told me that in the sixth book valkyrie becomes darkquess and the reflection becomes more and more like valkryie. skullduggery finds out china killed his family and goes hunting her. she wudnt tll me any more 😦
    the next book comes out next year in september 😦 AGES AWAY xxxxxxx p.s annnnnnniiiiii or whateva ur name is that wasnt a nice thing to say so please shut up -_-

  67. Valkyrie (above)
    I V-MAD BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I agree Me!!!!, and I was about to remove it when I realised that enough people like yourself will already have seen it. And to be frank, I don’t think you should put to much store by what ‘Valkyrie’ says. Some of it is not really news if you’ve read the latest book, and we all have theories about what will happen, so in a way we may already have travelled a certain route in our minds.
    And it may not be too late for Derek to change his mind…
    ‘Valkyrie’s’ email address doesn’t suggest that Valkyrie is part of her name. Draw your own conclusions.

  69. i think the skulduggery books are amazing but i dont think they shud mak it a movie because it might ruin it also i agree with what derek landy said about how animation can make movies realy realy rubish, are there going to be nine books? i hope so because i thought mortal coils ending was a bit wierd so it needs a good explaination on the next book, but i dont doubt that derek landy will deliver 😉

  70. Okay I’m not sure if this is true but I’ve been told that the next skulduggery book will come out in April 2011!!! How great will that be!!!! 🙂

  71. i lov the books i hope there is a movie derek landy is the best

  72. please let me know when the fletcher renne auditions are because i am english i am cocky and i have messy hair and he seems like a interestin character

  73. Heavens, I hope Mr. Landy reads these comments, you know, because I have the most brilliant, perfect idea. If there is going to be a movie, the characters must be portrayed accurately, yes? Now, I know everyone wishes to play Stephanie and so on and so forth. However, the one man who can do Skulduggery Pleasant justice in films is… JOHNNY DEPP. Believe me, he would be awesome, especially with all of Skulduggery’s dialogue and such. I mean, look at what he did with Tim Burton and as Jack Sparrow! Mr. Landy, if you are reading this and there’s going to be a movie, I would strongly advise hiring Depp as Skulduggery. And if that’s not within your power, pester the moviemakers till they cave in. Trust me.

  74. Oh Me!!!!, I’d given you up for dead!

    I believe Derek said (on facebook, maybe?) that he is no longer talking to Mr Depp.

  75. No, just a broken computer!
    And that’s a pity, but in the end Derek will pick the best man for the job!!!!!
    Or the film could be a total flop, leaving out all the witty banter from the books (which is one of the best bits), and turning into the next Harry Potter. The movies that is, not the books. The HP books were epic, the movies not so much.
    But hopefully not.

  76. I suspect Derek is hoping to have no film just to avoid flopping.

  77. I would be like perfect for Valkyrie if they had a movie. I look exactly like she is supposed to look like. LOL!!

  78. omg the skullduggery pleasant books are the BEST books ever written i wish i could write like you derek landy you are the best auther in the world i have been trying so hard to draw valkarie and skulldugery butr i just can’t get it…..

    i can’t wait for book 6 if there will be one there will be one rite? there better be
    they are sooooooooo good i wish i could be like skulduggery or fletcher i won’t say why fletcher…..a bit embarrassing but i still do ur the best of the best

    stephanie up ther if you think your yong im 11 and i wrote a book last year when i was 10 and i need to fix it up but i think when i am done i will get it published and i think it will sell prety well if i dont say so myself

    i realy want to be in a book as any charecter with my name but i dont think im good enough to be in my OWN book not to mention one of derek landys awsum great amaising books i will never reach my lifetime goal (((

    it’s depressing

  79. Hi derek landy my name is Sarah spelt like Sara I really don’t know y I was spelt like that u would have to ask my dad. Any way I’m desprate to audition for Valkyrie in the movie, I am a Aussie but I can act, I leave my email address u r probably getting annoyed but please read the rest, this would defintaly start my career and I love acting u would be surprised on how desperate I am to play Valkyrie i do have blonde surfer chic hair but if I do get the part I will dye it brown, I’m 12 and have dark brown eyes I don’t have an accent because Aussies have plain voices but i can put an accent on though it’s easy please I’m desperate for u to reply it would mean so much I’ve got a good imagination and I will travel to Ireland to audition If neccercery my email address is
    (has been removed for privacy reasons) of course a Australian website (yahoo) do reply

  80. hi im jenny 11 almost 12 this year i live in aberddeen so no irish accent but i would love to play valkyrie i have brown hair and brown eys and i never realy got along with any one in schools so please reply .i realy realy would love to play her i havent stoped reading the books they are so good i realy wish i could play her so if anyone has any information on auditions please reply thanks by the sorry for anny speling mistakes

  81. Matthew Garside

    Does any-one know how i can contact him?

  82. Hi my name is Anna I’m 12 tears old i love the skulduggery pleasant books and would love to have a changes to play the part of valkrie Cain if there was to be a movie.I went to small drama school in Droheada co.Louth Ireland I leave there two I started sacred heart school sunnyside Droheada.I was born in Dublin.I follow all thing to do with skulduggery pleasant on Facebook.I love to read and even if I don’t get a changes I wish you all the best with the books.
    Annaelizabeth Quinn

  83. AWESOME!

  84. I like am in loveeeeeeee with Skulduggery Pleasant(hes the best detective ever). Love u Derek Landy u write awesome books. Valkyrie Cain love u too.

  85. Best books ever

  86. HI i would love to play the part of Valkyrie so if any ones got info then HELP!!! thankz

  87. hi, my name is Stephanie. I am 12 years old and i really want 2 be Valkyrie. i am an aussie so i don’t have irish accents. if any one no any info about the audition, please reply!!!!!!!!!


  88. does any one no when derek landy is coming 2 australia?

  89. Hi, how’s it going?
    My name is Kianna and I really, really, REALLY want to be Valkyrie! I am 13 but I look slightly younger. All my friends say I look scarily like Val, and act like her. (Sometimes they think I might be the real her…) and love acting so much that you won’t even have to pay me! (Okay my parents might want me to get payed…) Anyhoo, I don’t sound Irish (sorry!) but I’m very nice so you might not care. I hope. Really. SOOOO, please consider choosing me when I audition. (If I can, that is.)
    Thx for reading! Bye! x

  90. Quick question: Are you going to be bringing auditions to Derby, by any chance? If not, then maybe somewhere closeish because I really, really, REALLY want to have a chance to at least audition to be Val.
    I just curse my stupid British/American accent, instead of an Irish one!
    More so British than American but… d-don’t ask…

  91. o.m.g your books are soooo inspiring that i have written four books that each have 300 pages and i give them to friends as b-day presents and its about this girl zendaya crush who fights different monsters either myth or legend and she has the power that when you look at her but when you look away you forget she was even there

    also what happens to tanith does that remnant ever get out of her

  92. Pingback: Makt. Eller bara tur? | Bookwitch på svenska

  93. jessica carroll

    i hope the remnant comes out of tanith, she and valkyrie are like sisters

  94. derek wats the 8 th boook is going to be about i cant wait until it comes out and plus i wonde in the world that no body nows that magic is real????
    oh and im 11 years old and im ur biggest fan :$

  95. I Met Him In Easons Scotch Hall, He Is Cool! I Really Want To Audition For Valkyrie Cain!!! I Suppose We Could Relate In Some Ways, Haha I Am Really Excited!

  96. Haha, I met him in scotch hall aswell! I Would LOVE to try out for the auditions……Sometime soon hopefully. Oh And by the way i’m dressing up as Valkyrie Cain for Halloween! Can’t Wait Until 2015!!!! 🙂

  97. Hi are there audition for the role of Valkyrie?

  98. you know many of my friend keep telling me I should audition for the part of valkyrie cain or tanith low but I don’t know who these charters are when I finaly looked it up some website said the auditions would probably be in dublin I live in washington bellingham even and I’m 16 so I’m to old to be valkyrie it would probably be awsome to audition but some how I doubt I could get to irland I’d rather save my money for a trip with a perpose becouse even if I did go to irland most likely I wouldn’t be able to stay long and you people seem more determend then me you’ve read the book I haven’t so all the luck to you wish I could try but as my mother says all the time when one door closes a better one opens what ever that means .M.X.F.

  99. Y’know what? All you suckers are wasting your time. None of you are gonna be Valkyrie.

  100. Someone will be; if they ever make a film.
    Me, I’ll be Tanith. I feel as if her role was made for me.

  101. Yeah, hate to break it to you and all that… But its already been cast. Too bad for you.

    • I really wanted to audition now I’m sad I’m really sad I didn’t care if I got the part or not I just wanted to audition

  102. I wanna say something to Derek

    I love your books I started reading them 1 month ago I’m on the 4th book and I want to know will you be having open auditions for Valkyrie in the movie because I live in Ireland and I would love to try impress you with my awesome acting and I’m only 11 but I look older then I am.

  103. Hey well…

    Just wanted to say how Amazing the books are and that I am such a big fan!! Also.. I am one of the million young girls that would die at the chance to play the part of Valkyrie. I have been acting my whole life, I have long brown hair, brown eyes, I am 13 years old but look 12. I can do a fine Irish accent. I live in Australia, however I will do anything to audition. It is my life’s dream to play this part. So could you please pass this message on to Derek or could someone please let me know when and where the auditions are, it would mean the world!

    Happy reading everyone! xxx

  104. Michelle DE SILVA

    Please tell me there is a movie please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE !!!!!😵😵😵😵😵😵😵


    This was published years ago, the movie idea, pah, in your dream perhaps but I’d get over yourselves if I were you!

  106. Jordan Howes

    If there is a film being made please let me know. Can you also tell me where I can audition for fletvher renn

  107. Robyn Galloway

    I just wanted to say that i love Derek Landys books and i’ve never found interest in a book except Skulduggery Pleasant. Im 11 years old and started these book when i was 10 and still love them. im on the ninth book and i’m reading Tanith Low in malificent seven. These books have inspired me so much and it even helps me in my work at school. So thank you Derek Landy for making the best books in the world.

  108. Glad you like them, Robyn. And as you say, reading is good for you.

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