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Bye Enn

When I read about Birgitta Dahl wanting to donate her books, I suspected the worst. Apparently every wall in the seven rooms in her flat were full of books, with no more space anywhere.

It was the fact that it was her flat that made me investigate. I’ve been reading her husband Enn Kokk’s blog for years, but as with most blogs these days I have less and less time to follow them. I would check in every now and then to see that ‘he was still alive and blogging.’ Until this week when I belatedly discovered Enn died last summer.

I first came across him when googling Lisa Tetzner’s books in Swedish, and found he was a fellow fan with an equal wish to find more of Tetzner’s books. He was very helpful in suggesting where I might look. It’s the kind of thing I always liked about the blogging community; how almost perfect strangers would spend time being helpful to others.

I didn’t know anything about him at the time; in fact I wasn’t sure if he was a man or a woman, as his Estonian name didn’t provide any clues. If I’d remained in Sweden, I might have known more about him. He was politically active, and his wife Birgitta was the Speaker in Parliament for many years.

It was simply nice to read about their lives, Enn’s thoughts on various things, and how he wrote up the music crossword on the radio every Saturday.

And if it’s any help, Birgitta, I’ll happily take the Lisa Tetzner books off your hands. Though I suppose those 15 000 volumes are better off together, somewhere.