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The Crystal Stair

Good things – and quite complex stories – can come in small packages. Just watch Barrington Stoke and their selection of fully grown, but short, novels. Here is The Crystal Stair, Catherine Fisher’s sequel to At the World’s End, which was set in a dystopian near future, where the world is mostly covered in ice.

Catherine Fisher, The Crystal Stair

Caz and Will – yes, they survived – have been living safely, if boringly, in the Settlement. But Caz still wants to find out if her father has survived, and they are soon in trouble, and not long after, the two of them are out without permission, in order to see what the mystery about Caz’s dad might be.

As the plot sped ahead without stopping to dwell on unnecessary details, I was thinking how great this is; the just getting on with what we want, without any surplus padding.

Expect icy cold, slime, mystery and a satisfyingly bad adversary.

I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to be able to read this kind of thing, when ordinarily you’d never even try.

At the World’s End

At the World’s End by Catherine Fisher is a short, but intense, book.

Catherine Fisher, At the World's End

Set in the near future, something dreadful has happened, and 14-year-old Caz is one of a few survivors who took refuge in a shop when whatever it was happened, and she has lived there for nine years. They believe the air outside is not safe and it’s so cold no one can survive.

But how can you be sure?

Caz and her friend Will are the next sacrifices to be sent out there, when food gets – even more – scarce.

You are literally on your toes as you read, and with a title like this, I wasn’t sure how gruesome an end it was possible to go for.

Read, and you will find out.