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Captain Tom Moore

Most adults will be aware of Captain Tom Moore who walked 100 laps round his garden for the NHS Charities Together. Some children will too. Here he is in one of the Little People, BIG DREAMS books by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, illustrated by Christophe Jacques.

Tom hoped to raise a couple of thousand pounds, but ended up raising £30 million. It’s the kind of story we all need, to help us through the next hurdles in life, or to cheer us up when life seems a little bad.

100 laps might not seem much, even for a man just short of his 100th birthday, but perhaps that is why he was so successful. Traipsing round your garden is something almost anyone can manage. Donating a few pounds is also a manageable task, and if enough people do it, there could eventually be a big sum of money.

This book provides a simple, sweet background to this man, who was knighted by the Queen and who was celebrated with a flyover by the RAF for his birthday. I was particularly taken by the  group of men he worked with in WWII, and with whom he had regular get-togethers for 65 years until in the end he was the only one left.

And then there is the photo of Sir Captain Tom Moore with the Queen; two old people who were both in the war, and who are still here today.

Some of the price of this book will go to Sir Tom’s NHS Charities Together.