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Not In That Dress, Princess!

Dresses can be annoying things. Especially to men. I mean, how can any woman even begin to believe that she can do things while wearing a dress? Especially ‘men’ things.

I have mentioned this new picture book from Wendy Meddour before, but now it is finally out, and with Princessy illustrations by Cindy Wume. It’s a story I could see coming, ever since Wendy’s surprising discovery that a woman wearing a dress is not suited to changing the oil in her car. Men upset so easily.

(Between you and me, I reckon Wendy can do anything.)

Anyway, here is the story about the Princess who always wanted to do stuff, while wearing a dress, and always being told, ‘not in that dress, Princess!’ by some adult, the Queen, or the governess or someone.

But oddly enough, her brothers the princes could do anything they wanted.

Here we have a princess who actually wants to do lots of fun things. But isn’t allowed to. In the end something snaps, and our princess sets out to do exactly all the things she wants to do, in her dress. And you know, she really can do all those things, dress notwithstanding.

In the end, the parents see sense, and the princes beg to be like their sister.

(This review was written by a Bookwitch wearing a dress. Yeah, that hardly ever happens. But it can happen.)