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Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace

Grandparents will buy this book. Of that I am absolutely certain. I might have done too, had I not been provided with one, since even for a foreigner there is that tug at the heart strings when you come face-to-face with childhood nostalgia.

A A Milne and E H Shepard, Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace

It wasn’t so much my childhood, though. Mainly later. And I suspect that is the case for anyone young enough to be a parent of young children today. That’s why I know it’s the grandparents who will buy it as a gift.

Whether today’s children will enjoy A A Milne’s poems as much as older generations did, I have no idea. I’d like to think they will. But it is definitely the kind of book you read to and with the child.

I gather these poems are classic A A Milne poems, and I obviously recognise the illustrations by E H Shepard, coloured in by Mark Burgess. I definitely knew the James James Morrison Morrison poem, but perhaps not so many of the others.

It’s all very nice.