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Our leaders and their shelves

We’re just never satisfied.

A few weeks ago Ed Miliband was interviewed and photographed in front of his bookcase, and all of a sudden everyone was analysing what was on his shelves. And what wasn’t. And how.

He had not put his books in alphabetical order. So? Just because you and I have OCD, doesn’t mean Ed does. There were gaps in between the books in places. I would hazard a guess that those books might be out being used. His book collection contained a variety of different types of books. Strange, that.

And just maybe Ed has more than the one bookcase visible in the photo?

At least he reads. No. I mean, at least he owns books, and it looks like he reads some of them.

Then, this week we had the Camerons and their shelves. Mrs Cameron and Mrs Obama posed in front of a bookcase filled with mainly DVDs, plus a bottom shelf laden with coffee table books.

Again, maybe they actually have more than the one set of shelves, just like the Milibands might do. If not, they aren’t exactly readers. But there is a shelf with what must be their personal choice of entertainment. It’s in the room where they entertained Michelle Obama. They could have done what so many do, and put their DVDs somewhere else.

I hope they read. But if they don’t, at least they went to IKEA for their shelves like the rest of us.

Almost as folksy as seeing that man with the white hair and black eyebrows behind me in the queue to security at Edinburgh airport last week. He didn’t look happy, but I’m glad even the Darlings of success have to submit to the stupid rules along with the rest of us.