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Some more Edinburgh author photos

As promised – threatened – here are more authors from that one, lone day in Charlotte Square.

First out is Frances Hardinge, who is the kind of person who gets away with dressing dramatically. In fact, she’s wearing the kind of outfit a witch might try if she thought it would work.

Frances Hardinge

And with Frances was China Miéville who looks very… very… Do I mean dashing?

China Miéville

I have actually met Emily Gravett, though I doubt she remembers. I love her books.

Emily Gravett

I promised you a second Jon Mayhew pic, and even without our magic photo tree he’s looking happy enough. Could be all the colours.

Jon Mayhew

Will Hill is only last because he was, event wise. I gather the photographer even had a book that got signed. All those authors, and just the one book…

Will Hill

Are YOU scared of

something? My list of phobias is pretty long, though possibly not quite as long as Little Mouse’s list. He really is very scared. But it’s good to recognise yourself in a story character, even if it is a mouse. Emily Gravett won the Kate Greenaway medal last week, as I’ve already mentioned here, and she came to the local bookshop on Friday for a session with very young customers.

It wasn’t as bad as I had feared (See, another fear, just like that!), because the hands-on aspect was actually to do with Emily’s other book, The Odd Egg, and not Mouse, so no rat number one or mouldy yoghurt or anything for the children to touch. Emily read to them, and there was stomping and noise making, followed by the decorating of eggs. A bit Eastery, perhaps, but they were lovely eggs, and the witch felt her artistic something-or-other waking up.

Emily Gravett

(No, Emily is not a pixie. The other ear belongs to the microwave burner.)

The Big Book of Fears looks a little the worse for wear, with holes and torn bits and folded pages and crossed out words. In short, everything you’re not meant to do to books. Emily even encourages writing on every page. Rebellious, I’d say. That’s without the rats’ you-know-what. And when Emily signs the Mouse book she turns it into the owner’s own book of fears, so she crosses out even more words. She also does a mean witch’s hat. Possibly the best, yet. (I only mention this, as I’d like to start a new trend, and if you’re in the line of work of signing books, you need to come up with something even better next time.)

But, honestly, I don’t believe there is such a thing as fear of going to bed. With a fancy name, that is. And have you ever considered how many nursery rhymes there are about mice? Handy for this book. Rather like Mrs Sabatier with the knife.

Love the map of The Isle of Fright.

Rat urine

I think that’s what I read yesterday, unless I’m more confused than I think I am. Emily Gravett, who has just won the Kate Greenaway medal, used the stuff for her latest book Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears. And yoghurt, or something.

The young reviewers at the local bookshop, who read the book before publication, all loved it. And it’s worth remembering here that they are all rather old for this kind of book, which I think means it must be very good. I intend to find out as soon as possible, as Emily is coming here next week, and it would be a good move to be prepared.

Emily will be doing a hands on-session with 4 to 7-year-olds. I hope that doesn’t mean what I’m thinking right now, as regards the yoghurt and the rat number one.