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Monkey Photo

For the child – or parent – who has tired of pale and cute picture book illustrations, a change of scenery can be found in Monkey Photo. This extremely colourful book by Gita Wolf and Swarna Chitrakar, is about a monkey who is always photographed by tourists.

Until one day he grabs a camera and goes out to take photos of the other animals. What follows is a series of exotic and vibrant pictures of snakes, painted elephants, birds, stripey and spotty ‘cats’ and many more.

Tara Books is – I believe – a small publishing house in India, and it’s so easy to forget that other countries have their own English language books, not to mention their own styles.

If plenty of colour makes children intelligent, as I’ve heard said, then this monkey and his pals should raise a few IQs. And I would guess the book might get children started painting their own exotic animal pictures.

Monkey Photo

(Sorry about the glare-y photo. And the blurriness. I suspect the monkey did a far better job. On the other hand, I didn’t steal my camera.)