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Bookwitch bites #71

If I’d told you about this earlier, you’d just have forgotten, so it shouldn’t matter that you only have until midnight tomorrow, 26th February, to win a copy of Adrian McKinty’s The Cold Cold Ground. It is a truly great crime novel, so go for it!

Moving across the water (the name of which escapes me right now) to Scotland, Nicola Morgan and her book Wasted won the older category in the Scottish Children’s Book Awards on Thursday. See, it might take a while to start winning, but once you do, it goes on and on. I hope. I mean, I know. Because I’m a witch.

The younger age categories were won by Ross MacKenzie with Zac and the Dream Pirates, and Dear Vampa by Ross Collins. Well done Rosses!

Lots and lots of children’s authors descended on London this week, for some fancy do on the South Bank to mark the start of the Imagine Children’s Festival. They had to dress up, which I’m sure came as a shock to some, used as they are to working in their pyjamas all day long. I have discovered that some female authors have legs, after seeing photos of them wearing their LBDs.

I think the whole thing sounds absolutely great. Except, it reminds me of birthday parties and school, when someone invites 75% of the children in their class. If smaller numbers, it is understandable that not all can be invited. If such large numbers, you need to ask all. OK, it’s impossible to identify ‘all’ children’s authors in the land. But still…

Kronprinsessan, Prins Daniel och Prinsessan på väg hem till Haga slott från Karolinska sjukhuset. Foto: Kungahuset.se

I mentioned the Queen of Sweden being discovered at the Olympic Games in Munich forty years ago. The discovery. Not the mention. That was this week. Little did I know (I’m in exile, after all) that the next day a new little Princess would be born, but let me offer a big welcome to the future reader of children’s books! Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, Duchess of Östergötland.

I expect her mode of transport will improve as she grows older. And did you know they are on facebook? The Swedish Royal family? That’s how I know that today you can (should you be in Stockholm) attend a children’s half term holiday hunt round the Royal Palace. Let them play!