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Six Dinner Sid

It wasn’t long since I had another sneaky cat on here, but it’s time for Sid. I have searched high and low and can only conclude we don’t own a copy of the book, but never mind. Sid has made enough of an impression on me anyway. Could be the idea that six dinners is better than one.

I’ve been equally unsuccessful with Inga Moore, who wrote the book. The most I’ve found is that she is still alive, which is nice to know. With a name like Inga I wondered about any possible Swedish connections, but she is down as English on one of the few sites I found her. She did win the Smarties prize for Sid, though.

Six Dinner Sid

The book about sneaky Sid is really a reflection on society, and whether people speak to each other, rather than about a hungry cat. We meet Sid when he lives in a street with very unfriendly people, who never speak to their neighbours. That’s why they don’t find out that “their” cat also belongs to five other houses nearby. It’s only when Sid falls ill and gets taken to the vet by all of his owners, that the truth is revealed. Sid’s loving owners then kick him out.

Lucky for Sid, because he finds a friendly street with inhabitants who talk. And they don’t mind sharing their cat with a few of the neighbours.