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My Ireland Reading Challenge

I think I might have mentioned that I was considering joining an Irish reading challenge, mainly on the grounds that my normal reading pattern suggests I should be able to do it without straining myself. Which is why I’m going for the seriously advanced level of Kiss the Blarney Stone, which is ‘really hard’ at six books.

Ireland Reading Challenge 2011

The rules say I don’t have to make my mind up about what to read yet, which is good because I don’t necessarily know what will come my way.

But, it will have to be an Adrian McKinty, or two. The Lighthouse War is looming ever closer on the TBR pile, and that’s even before the two new books coming this spring.

And there is Dublin Noir, which I began with good intentions quite some time ago. Now is the time to do more than begin.

I’m obviously hoping for an Eoin Colfer, or more. Derek Landy. And if we’re counting books sitting on my desktop I have a couple of very impatient Declan Burke novels. Very Irish.

I believe Ruth Dudley Edwards qualifies. She is also waiting.

Arithmetic being one of my strong points, I reckon I’m already there. Apart from the actual reading. OK, sleeves rolled up (inside my double layer of cardigans) and reading glasses on…

(But Kiss the Blarney Stone..! Honestly.)