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And while we wait

to hear [I hope not] the worst from America, I will mention another dead old man, as far removed from US politics as it’s – probably – possible to get.

Jan Myrdal who died last week at the age of 93, was the son of two famous Swedes, Alva and Gunnar Myrdal, and I always thought of him as young. That’s probably because I left Sweden and heard very little about him for decades.

I would ‘see him’ regularly, however, emerging from a fake door in the Hotell Gästis in Varberg.

It’s where he moved in his old age (Varberg, not the hotel), seemingly through knowing the hotel owner, Lasse Diding, who also happens to be a friend of my GP Cousin. Lasse, along with his other pal, Henning Mankell, sorted out the Jan Myrdal library, where they went through and shelved 50 000 books.

According to Lasse, Jan was a little miffed to be relying on a *badly educated, communist millionaire, and they fell out a bit, but made up again.

Reading up on Jan, I realised I hadn’t realised quite how extreme left he was in his politics, nor quite how many not entirely pc opinions he held. But why not? We’re allowed to think what we think.

*Badly educated? Lasse was at university with me, and I’m not, so I’d say he isn’t.