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Oh baby!

At last! We have a royal baby. We also have loads of baby picture books for some reason.

Joanna Rivard and Adam Larkum, A Royal Fairytale

Before there can be a baby, you need romance. (Sort of. Usually.) A Royal Fairytale, Kate & William by Joanna Rivard and Adam Larkum deals very nicely with the royal romance.

Told in traditional fairytale style there is a prince and a beautiful girl, and they are all lonely before they go to university (now, that’s not such a common ingredient) and meet and fall in love. There is a wedding. Finally the stork calls

and they live happily ever after.

(I’m OK with the stork. I’m fine with the corgi. But the sheep? Have I missed something?)

Once you have your baby, you need for it to sleep. There are helicopters to fly and countries to rule. Everybody needs some rest.

Martha Mumford and Ada Grey, Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby!

But the baby in Martha Mumford’s and Ada Grey’s Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby! just will not sleep. They all take turns, doing what parents have always tried. Trips in the helicopter. Golden dummies. Plane trips with the Queen, who then does her famous parachute jump (with the baby; not to escape its crying).

You can tell which royal family the author had in mind. Except, we appear to have gained a King somewhere. Picture books need kings. This one sings.

Pippa and Harry are a bit too noisy, and so are the corgis. But eventually all sleep. Even the baby, who at all times is dressed in a genderless babygrow.

These stories will definitely appeal to all but the most dyed-in-the-wool anti-royals.