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The Great Shift

Have you heard of the great vowel shift? I was always unaccountably fond of it, back in the days of (my) education. It explained so much. Whenever I try to get my head round why someone says ‘boss’ when they actually mean that vehicle that always comes in threes and takes you to the shop and back. Bus.

There is a reason they say it. There is a pattern.

Anyway, that’s not what I intended to go on about.

I’m talking of the great room shift, chez Bookwitch. It’s partly to do with better working conditions. Hopefully. And partly better sleep. Wishful thinking.

So, dodgy arm or not, here we are lugging furniture around the house. Mostly I watch others lug. (But seriously, have you watched your nearest and dearest flipping a large wardrobe over the bannisters? Upwards, I mean. Anything will come down. The bannister rail will never be quite the same, however.)

Books will be moving across the house in a complicated pattern, and hopefully the end result will be tidy and orderly for at least a week.

Konditori Regnbågen

I am staying open for business. In June I noticed my favourite holiday café Konditori Regnbågen doing that very thing. Upgrading their premises without closing. People are fickle these days. Something closes and the customers find new favourites. Though, between you and me, Regnbågen can’t be beaten on their Zuleika cake. And losing those migraine-inducing wall tiles in the toilet was a blessing.

Their toilet. Not mine. And my painting is going well. Not done by me, obviously.