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We Are All Born Free

‘If we are frightened of being badly treated in our own country, we all have the right to run away to another country to be safe.’

The above is a quote from We Are All Born Free, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures, where you get the simplified version of our rights, accompanied by the most beautiful illustrations. This book isn’t new, but we have never needed it more.

We Are All Born Free, by Frané Lessac

There is something about the simplified version that makes the truth about what this well known declaration is telling us really stand out. Our leaders would do well to read it. Many of them are most likely in favour of our rights, while conveniently forgetting to act as though they are. ‘We have a duty to other people, and we should protect their rights and freedoms.’

‘These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.’

We Are All Born Free, by Alan Lee

(The paperback of We Are All Born Free was published last year, and all royalties go to Amnesty International.)

WBD witch

Not me. It’s Winnie to the Rescue, which is two stories; Itchy Witchy and Winnie’s Book Day (clever use of the letters WBD).

Soon after I joined Facebook, Korky Paul popped up as a potential friend, but I had never heard of him. (Sorry, Korky!) Weird name, but one mustn’t be prejudiced. Somewhat unusual face, too, but who am I to talk? Anyway, we seemed to share a lot of Facebook friends, so he was worth investigating. I found that Korky does have a conventional name and a more conventional face, too.

Winnie the Witch

And now my WBD purchases have provided me with a Korky book about a witch, which is clearly my kind of thing. Itchy Witchy reminded me of Horrid Henry and the head lice, except here it’s fleas on cats that jump all over the place. Winnie’s Book Day is all about exploding libraries, I think, and the magic that can be found inside books. Well, we knew that!

According to Korky’s comment on Facebook, this WBD book is doing well.