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Foggy fogs and fezes

It feels like it was a mere few weeks since I read the first Badger, the Mystical Mutt book, and here its authors McNicol and Jackson are intimating they’re on book number six! I suppose I have to believe them. It’ll be in my best interests to be on good terms with literary Scotland, so let’s celebrate Badger’s sixth publication day on this 2014 Walpurgis night.

He’s throwing a party in Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Flying Fez. It’s Old Year’s Night and he wants to gather the whole gang. But he’s missing his spotty ‘Chief and things aren’t going well. There is the foggiest fog Badger has ever seen (although I would say it’s unlikely you would see anything in such foggy circumstances).

McNicol & Jackson, Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Flying Fez

This is where a very naughty Fez called Otto appears and tries – pretends – to help. Most of the gang is also present, and everyone does their bit. Pickle is upset because she is missing someone special, but that’s what you have friends for. And the Badger books are there to show what friends are for.

(Badger was very helpful during Hurricane Sandy. He was a bit stuck in New York, so jumped in and did some work where it was needed, impressing the British Consulate in the process.)

Even the Dog Catcher seems to be friendly. Or is he? Perhaps Old Year’s Night is a time for change.

This is a Badger book, so you can rely on things being sorted out, despite Otto doing his worst.


I complain a lot. I know. But below is a perfect example of a contact email, offering me a book to read. I have taken the liberty of copying it here, shortening it very slightly. Even had I not been somewhat Badger-book deprived I’d have wanted a little look.

Badger the Mystical Mutt, a new illustrated children’s book for 5 – 9 year olds published by The Lunicorn Press. It’s now in its 2nd run of 1000 copies. We’ve been touring Waterstones in Scotland, visiting libraries, schools, Hamleys and we’re taking part in Aye Write, Glasgow’s Book Festival. We’ve decided to remain independent rather than seek a mainstream publisher because we want to be totally hands-on.

We also have a 6ft Badger Mutt character who accompanies us to all readings. Book two in the series will be out in May of this year. Feedback has been great, as has press coverage. There are lots of layers to Badger, there’s a bit of reiki, lots of healing, and the first book subtly addresses bullying. One reviewer said it was the message without the lecture, and kids seem to find it funny too, especially his strange travelling contraption – the wim-wim for the wowser.

He’s a big numptie, but a lovable one, and we hope he makes you smile. With badgical magical wishes, Lyn, Laura & Badger.’


It’s not every book character that bothers to sign emails, either. Although, funnily enough I encountered another badger (by name) mere days before I read Badger the Mystical Mutt.

OK, I didn’t totally get the wim-wim wowser thing, but I did enjoy the story. Badger, who I believe to be a dog and no badger, is a crazy but sweet dog, always looking out for others. He’s got a magical scarf which can sort almost anything out.

In this first book the subject is bullying. Or lonely dogs, if you prefer. Badger makes sure things improve, both for the bullied dog and for the bully. It’s funny, and it’s sweet.

Dogs can’t really do magic, though. Obviously… Or can they?