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All Shining in the Spring

The story of a baby who died.

I have not – yet – needed this book, but I can see how necessary it could become, when you least expect it, either for yourself or for someone you know.

Siobhán Parkinson needed a book like All Shining in the Spring, when her baby died 25 years ago. But there were no such books, so Siobhàn wrote one, for her living son, Matthew, about the brother, Daniel, he was waiting for, who died.

What do you say to your small child, when the baby you’ve talked so much about, will not actually be there after all? That the baby died, or will die at birth.

This book is both quite matter of fact, as well as loving and sweet. You love little Daniel, and you feel for Matthew and his parents.

Siobhán became one of Ireland’s best known children’s authors, and was the country’s first Laureate na nÓg. And Matthew became a publisher, at Little Island Books, now re-issuing this book 25 years later, with the original illustrations by Donald Teskey.