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Yeti On The Loose

David MacPhail, Yeti On The Loose

Who doesn’t love a yeti? They might be large and a little hard to handle on occasion, but we love them, really. David MacPhail has written a short and funny story about a yeti smuggled into Britain. It’s exactly the kind of tale that young readers – probably mostly boys – will love.

Pippa and her brother Brian have an unpleasant great uncle, who unexpectedly returns from ten years abroad, accompanied by a rather large trunk. It’s heavy too. There are smells. There are noises. Pippa and Brian have to investigate. Of course they do.

Things will never be the same again. The children are both intelligent and caring, unlike most of their relatives, whom we meet at a family wedding. The question is who will win? Brian and Pippa, the yeti or great uncle Jeremy? Will their cousin Tonga live happily ever after?

You can never be too well dressed.