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The white stuff

I read in a food magazine about how there is too much choice of yoghurt in supermarkets. About how it’s almost as hard to choose your white breakfast stuff as it is lightbulbs.

I had to smile, because we frequently come home with the wrong yoghurt, despite being very aware people. They trick you with their words and their packaging.

And don’t get me started on lightbulbs! The Bookwitch family has a rather awkward relationship where lightbulbs are concerned, and the less said about this the better.

When we last had a lightbulb issue – in the kitchen, since you didn’t ask – I was reminded of Favourite Aunt, and her kitchen lightbulb. This will have been in 1994. Never let it be said my memory is bad. I was visiting, and the ceiling bulb had ‘gone’ and it needed dealing with. One issue was how to reach it, high up in the air. The other was how did the shade thing turn, which I wanted to know before climbing up.

Well, she didn’t know, she said. She’d never changed the bulb before. I looked at her and said, ‘are you telling me that you’ve had this same bulb for thirty years?’ ‘It’s only been twenty-nine’ she replied, quick as a flash.

To this day I don’t know if she was being serious or not. She could be very funny. But she had also lived in the flat twenty-nine years, and definitely not thirty as I had hinted at.

Let’s just say there was no change of lightbulb that day either.