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Always wanted to be a witch?

Bella Donna

Well, who hasn’t?

Me, but that’s because there is no need to want. This short and fun book titled Bella Donna, about a young girl called Bella Donna is about wanting desperately to be a witch. Her name is really Isabella, but Bella Donna is witchier.

She’s a little like Tracy Beaker; spunky and growing up in a children’s home. But there is no doubt she’s a witch. As a baby she even stole the dummy out of the mouth of her friend Sam through sheer wishing.

They both want to be adopted, but are holding out for their own special Forever Family. Someone who feels just right. They must exist. Somewhere. Bella Donna needs someone who will accept her as a witch and Sam needs a family who love creepy crawlies.

Does it happen? Well, Bella Donna ends up living with her FF in Coven Road, so what do you think?

But all is not perfect, so read on to see what life as a small witch is like. I couldn’t resist this book, despite it’s intended target age of about seven or so. And you can always be a little pink, without any ill effect.