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Web chat date

I have this feeling of impending doom here, but feel free to ignore me.

It was only back in August at the Edinburgh Festival that Random’s Clare showed me their new (well, re-issued) book by Markus Zusak, and I still haven’t read Fighting Ruben Wolfe. It’s short enough, so not another Book Thief, but as I said, I still haven’t anyway.

Today at 17.30 Markus will be doing a live web chat with his readers, and you can sign up for it here. I have, but with my luck I’ll be so featherbrained that I will forget about it as the afternoon draws to a close. I’ve never done a web chat like this, so have absolutely no idea whether it will feel worthwhile, or if you just end up sitting there feeling the whole thing is passing you by. A bit like trying to attract attention to buy a drink, when you’re short and insignificant.

Let’s hope it’s an event to be enjoyed by all.