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Let It Snow

I quite like a Christmassy story (as long as it’s December), and if you add romance, so much the better.

Let It Snow is a collaboration between current superstar John Green and Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, who do that fun thing, when one starts off with a story, setting the scene for those who follow, meaning you meet people again and again.

Here Maureen sets the stage by stranding a train in a snow drift on Christmas Eve (in North Carolina, I think), meaning her main character Jubilee decides to get off and go in search of a Waffle House (must be an American institution…) that she can see from the train. Her parents were arrested earlier that day and she is on her way to Florida.

I really enjoyed this one, at least once I’d worked out you should take it for granted that the male she meets and goes home with, is a rather nice – and handsome – boy her own age, and not some random man she allows herself to be picked up by. (I was clearly showing my age.)

There’s snow, and waffles and cheerleaders. Those cheerleaders have a lot to answer for.

Let It Snow

John Green follows up with three childhood friends in a house not too far away from our first couple. They embark on a madcap trip through deep snow to actually meet those cheerleaders (why would they want to??), and the game Twister plays a big part. Tinfoil Man turns up, just like he did in the first story.

Lauren’s heroine was perhaps not as likeable, but she serves coffees in Starbucks (practically in the middle of the night…) and looks after a coffecup sized pig for her friend. Or she should be. Her love interest was stranded on the original train, and there is a lot of romance on the go.

Thankfully we never see too much of the cheerleaders; they are more catalysts for the snowbound romance in this small town. It’s all very American, but quite entertaining.

Bookwitch bites #78

We are all very much for equality here at Bookwitch Towers, as long as people remember I’m a little bit more equal than some. But I was really taken aback when I read the shortlist for the 2012 Queen of Teen. I somehow expected this shiny tiara institution to be a smidgen more traditional than I am.

It’s not. This year we could have a Queen James. Now, trailblazing James Dawson is up against the Cathys, Cassidy and Hopkins, longterm princess Joanna Nadin, as well as Hayley Long, Maureen Johnson, Chris Higgins, Samantha Mackintosh, Sarah Webb and S C Ransom, so might not reach his queenhood. But it’s an intriguing situation, even for an egalitarian old witch.

And because I am presently almost doing my blogging from the bathroom floor, I will leave you with the dog who does his writing on the roof.

Snoopy - the author

Today’s post could have been longer, I know. It could also have been no post at all.