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Is it a book?

Stupid question, perhaps. It is obviously a book. It’s sort of a picture book, and kind of a comic. And maybe an ordinary illustrated short book/story. My mind wants to pigeonhole, and I can’t. Not totally.

The Dunderheads

The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman with pictures by David Roberts had been lying around for a while. It looked quite interesting, because I could tell it was a more grown-up creature than a small child’s picture book. Too many words to count as a comic, and yet…

It’s pretty good, actually, with overtones of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. I was also going to say that it reminded me of something else I’d recently blogged about, on the subject of group solidarity, but I can’t think what it was now.

There is a not very nice teacher. ‘Confiscating was her speciality.’ So that’s what she did. Took things from her students. Until the day she took something and they decided to take it back. It’s a really good story about children cooperating, and someone knowing exactly who is good at what.

One-eared china cats are more loveable than you’d think, and someone gets their comeuppance.